Lindsay Thomas Robinson is a director originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and currently based in Berlin Germany. He has spent the past five years directing music videos and documentary web series.

Primarily working with heavy metal, rock and rockabilly bands in the music video realm, he has had the opportunity to work with both Canadian and American bands. Rather than focusing on a singular style, he works to capture the vibe of the band and develops the look of each video around that intangible feel of what the music might look like. Some of the bands Lindsay has had the pleasure of working with include the American metal giants IRON REAGAN, the Juno award winning STRIKER, and the internationally touring MORTILLERY & RAYGUN COWBOYS.

On the web series side, Lindsay is director and co-creator of the documentary series HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING. Alongside his brother Stephen, they have produced two seasons for a total of twelve episodes. Lindsay's approach to directing the series is to let the story unfold in a truthful manner allowing the genuine moments of learning and triumph shine through.