Central Dental

Central Dental
10 Minutes

Written & Directed by: Lindsay Thomas Robinson
Produced by: Samantha Quantz & Lindsay Thomas Robinson
Starring: Adam Drory, Belinda Cornish, Nikki Rae Hallow & Marc Lacoursiere
Cinematography: David Baron
Production Design: Malorie Shmyr
Creature Effects & Design: Bold Raven FX
Makeup: Mallory Greaves
Post Audio: Guerilla Sound
Original Score: Dan Cleary
Funding Provided by: Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Lewis ends up at a sketchy 24 hr dental clinic after having one of his teeth knocked out and his wallet stolen.

World Premier: 2020 Portland Horror Film Festival

European Premier: 2020 Grossman Fantastic Film + Wine Festival

Canadian Premier: Fantasia Festival 2020

Alberta Premier: Calgary International Film Festival 2020

Norwegian Premier: Ramaskrik Film Festival 2020

Mexico Premier: Morbido 2020

California Premier: Another Hole In The Head Film Festival 2020

UK Premier: Soho Horror Film Festival 2020

Netherlands Premier: Imagine Film Festival 2021